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Adventure throughout the Polygon portal
with your ride or die... XX and XY! 

to the stars!

​ At KKliens, we honor the unwavering union of XX and XY, embodying the timeless strength of sticking together. Our mission is to cultivate a resilient community of driven and optimistic individuals, united in growth and expansion beyond the web3 ecosystem. Join us on this extraordinary journey as we forge bonds, inspire each other, and create a legacy that transcends the virtual realm.


  • Our KKliens NFT collection embraces the Dutch Auction approach, offering a unique and transparent method for acquiring these out of this world digital assets. The auctions will be held twice a month, with specific dates announced on our monthly calendar. (Started July 2023)

  • Each auction will feature 10 1/1 KKliens per Abdauction, divided equally between XY (male) and XX (female) characters. 

  • Whitelist auction phase: During the first 2 hours of the auction, there will be 5 Whitelist spots exclusively for Polyg00nz holders, allowing them early access to participate.

  • Public auction phase: Following the Whitelist period or when the Whitelist mints sell out, the auction will open to the public for the remaining 10 hours. During this phase, the public will have an opportunity to acquire the remaining 5 KKliens from the auction.

  • Pre-revealed KKliens: All mints during the Dutch Auctions will be random, adding an element of excitement and surprise. Prior to the mint, we will reveal all the KKliens involved in that particular auction. This allows potential minters to have an idea of the KKliens they may acquire, adding anticipation and enhancing the collecting experience.



Access to Exclusive Content: Holders have exclusive access to digital content such as artwork, animated videos and music that are not available to the general public.

Limited Edition Merchandise: Purchase limited edition physical merchandise kustom made In-house. Items Included like clothing, collectibles, or prints featuring the artwork from your NFTs.

Access to Future Airdrops: Receive exclusive airdrops of exclusive KKliens NFTs in the near future. 

Random Giveaways: In addition to the exclusive limited merchandise available for purchase, we will be conducting random giveaways throughout the month. Keep an eye out for your chance to win these unique items and add them to your collection.


© 2023 Created By 👑KK👑

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